Transparency: A Tool to Freedom

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” – 1 John 1:9

So… you’re carrying a secret. Most of us are. The reality is, at one time or another, maybe even now, we have all carried a secret. I think if we are really honest with ourselves, we’ve sat in a community or been around people who believed in us but the thought, “If they really knew me…” waves like a flag in our mind. Because there is something we have done or are still doing that we really don’t want to admit to in fear that if we were really known we would be judged, gossiped about, exposed and rejected. Within all of us, at some point or another, there is a leech of bondage and sin attached to us, and we can choose to get help and remove it, or we can ignore it as it steals from us and grows bigger and bigger.

Now the question is posed, “How do we remove these leeches?” Leeches thrive in dark environments so when they are exposed to light, they want to flee quickly. God has given us the tool of transparency to remove sin and bondage from our life. defines transparency as, “allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.” Transparency simply means to allow the light of God to shine through you in order for Him to set you free.

Transparency is not just a good idea; it’s a tool God gives us to walk in the freedom of the cross. – Marty Emmett

I think one of the reasons why many of us refuse to live a life of transparency is because shame has lead us to secrecy and silence. We have to recognize that though God knows everything about us, he does not pull back from us and he still loves us. If we want to walk in the fullness God has for us, we have to open up and let the light in which means being vulnerable with God, as well as a trustworthy community around us.

I know what it is like to carry a secret; it drives you nuts! But something releases when you confess even what may seem like your most shameful secret. I know how it feels to desperately need to confess, like your insides are filling up with smoke and you just have to let it out. I know what it feels like to carry something with you that is eating you alive but I also know the weightless, wondrous feeling of letting it out –like you’ve been holding your breath and now you finally get to breathe again. And probably the most beautiful aspect about God and a godly community is that they give you permission to let it out and to breathe. God loves us in all of our mess, in all of our brokenness and mistakes and His word says that he casts our sin into a sea of forgetfulness, and in my opinion, being transparent with a godly community allows people to put up “No Swimming” signs around that sea so that we may never ever go back to those old leeches. Walk in the freedom of being fully known and fully loved by God and his people.

Christina Parker from California says:

Growing up I always felt that I had to be perfect; like I was either passing or failing in life. So I felt like I had to wear a mask, even with my own make up, I had to make everything look perfect. But on my journey with the Lord, I’ve realized the need for transparency, of taking the mask off, opening up, being honest and letting the light in. My heart is so for deep relationships, which I have found comes from being honest and getting help when I need it. It’s so easy to put a wall up and not let people know what is really going on inside. But when I’ve gotten really vulnerable with someone, that’s when God has really broken through and a real relationship has happened. Transparency has been a huge tool for freedom in my life!

Published at Feb 19, 2015 and last updated at Jun 28, 2018. Authored by: Bailey Horner