The Secret to Freedom

“I will keep your law continually, forever and ever, and I shall walk in a wide place, for I have sought your precepts.” – Psalm 119:44-45

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Reading a title and seeing the words ‘secret’ and ‘freedom’ in the same sentence. It’s also ironic reading a Bible verse that says, “I will keep your law continually… and I shall walk in a wide place.” Charles Spurgeon said about this verse, “The way of holiness is not a track for slaves, but the King’s highway for freemen.” Jesus said that He came to give us life abundantly. Not a life of rules and restrictions, but a freedom to live as the people we were made to be.

The Kingdom of God can be a bit ironic, can’t it? How do you find your life? Well Jesus says to lose it. James tells us that the Lord, “lifts up the humble.” One concept that seems backwards is spiritual hunger. In the natural, you satisfy your hunger by eating and then you become full. But in the spiritual, the more you “eat,” the more hungry you become. I think we all have a desperate need for God – not just for following him or being committed to him, but to intimately be connected with him and I think that the more connected we become with him, the more freedom we have! “–Wait, what? How does that make sense? Becoming more connected to something makes me free? Isn’t that the opposite of freedom, being unattached from something?” Not connected to something – connected to someone! I think the more spiritual hunger you cultivate and the greater intimacy you experience with Jesus, the more passionate you are to remove anything that hinders this intimacy.

“Spiritual hunger is our greatest asset!” – Josh Cole

“But when you had eaten and were satisfied, you became proud and forgot me.” – Hosea 13:6

I look at the people of Israel who had experienced the glory of God firsthand, yet still turned away from him, and I believe it’s because they lost their spiritual appetite for God. They experienced one miracle from God that temporarily satisfied their spiritual hunger for the moment and grew in a prideful independence away from God, thinking that they had “eaten” enough. The Israelites become bound and enslaved to their selfish desires because they did hunger for the only One who could satisfy them.

If we want to walk in authentic freedom, we need to pursue authentic intimacy with God. And vice versa, if we want to walk in authentic intimacy with God, we must pursue authentic freedom from anything that holds us back from experiencing His fullness.

Published at Mar 26, 2015 and last updated at Jun 28, 2018. Authored by: Bailey Horner