Two New DTS’s Launching July 2017

Yes, you heard right. We will be running not one but TWO brand new DTS’s starting in July 2017! Each of these new schools’ visions have been growing in our minds and in our hearts for a while. We are so thrilled to make both of these a reality come July.

Pioneers DTS

This DTS track is for those who feel called to go where few have gone before and leave a legacy for others to follow. Discover how to engage with unreached people groups and launch into accomplishing the unfinished task of missions.

Do you enjoy being the first? Do you love exploring new ways of accomplishing a task? Do you long to venture into the unknown? The Pioneers DTS track will provide training in new strategies for engaging unreached people groups, and the opportunity to endeavor into remote areas of the world to bring transformation through the Gospel. It is our goal to be gripped by this love and to discover and apply God’s strategies to go to new places and do new things in new ways.

There are still people who have never heard about Jesus, who have never felt His love. They don’t know who they are as sons and daughters of God. You can be one of the first to go, to introduce Jesus to the ones out in the far reaches of the world, and to shine the Light in the darkest places. Are you willing to venture into the unknown to reach the lost? Come join us!

Media DTS

We want to empower people with an interest in media to creatively use their talents for God’s purposes through hands-on training and understanding the role of media in fulfilling the Great Commission.

If you are passionate about sharing stories through photography, videography, graphic design or other media outlets, this DTS track is for you. We believe God has called people to use this tool effectively for His glory. On this DTS track we are dedicated to see people that are passionate about media grow in their talents as well as in their understanding of its purpose. We believe God has a purpose with media as a tool to reach the world with the message of Jesus.

God is moving in incredible ways across the world today, and it needs to be shared. You could be a part of making God known in the nations by telling God’s story creatively through creative media. Think of how the world will be transformed if people could see who God is through real stories and testimonies of how He is moving and active today on a global scale. Want to be a part of it? Come and join us!

Therefore, are you willing to go where no one has gone before to make Jesus known in the nations? Or do you have a passion to share what God is doing in the nations through creative media? If yes, come join us in July 2017 for either our new Pioneers DTS or our new Media DTS. Not only would you be the first to be a part of these exciting new schools, but it could be the start of something bigger for your life and for the lives you end up touching.

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Published at Apr 14, 2017 and last updated at Jun 27, 2018. Authored by: YWAM Media