Being an Ambassador: Start Where You’re Called

Written by Sydney Atchley, School Leader for the Transformational Development School

There is something so beautiful when we see God’s righteousness manifest on earth–moments when we come into alignment with God’s intentions and we see His kingdom touch creation. These moments allow us to see glimpses of heaven on this deeply broken earth, and it opens up the opportunity for transformation.

The Greek Word for kingdom is “basileia” and is found 162 times in the New Testament. Jesus Himself talked more frequently about God’s kingdom than any other tenant of the Christian life. John 3:1-13 gives an account of Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus, whose question of how to be born again prompts Jesus to answer, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” God desires us to be wholistically changed at every level–body, mind,  soul, and spirit. If we have a broken way of viewing God, ourselves, others, or our role in creation, we can’t completely fulfill our calling as being ambassadors for this Kingdom we so desperately want to see on earth.

This role of an ambassador has always been so fascinating to me. When you initially experience a new culture, everything can seem foreign–the language, the food, the smells, the bathrooms. But as soon as you walk through your country’s embassy in a foreign land, everything changes: It looks, smells, feels familiar, like you’ve returned home. You have air conditioning when you’ve otherwise been a sweaty, hot mess. You hear the familiar sound of your own language being spoken. The sofas in the waiting area look like something from your aunt’s living room.  Even legally, this space is designated by the government as the land of your nation.

When we are faithful in our role as ambassadors for God’s kingdom, we represent the place where God’s glory dwells. We accurately represent the values and culture of the kingdom of God so that His fullness can dwell on earth. When God sees our willingness to be used by Him, He can use our obedience to wholistically change communities, office spaces, hospitals, gyms, and even nations.

When I finished my Community Development School last year, one of the most significant revelations I had was how God uses any role, any calling, in any space to transform it for the glory of His kingdom. We aren’t obligated to be full-time missionaries for the rest of our lives in order to be used by God. That’s the beauty of our calling–We have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us so that we can use wisdom and truth from God’s Word to carry out our unique roles as ambassadors for the kingdom.

The Transformational Development School is an outlet where you can seek to refine your calling and be equipped with the tools and strategies to see God’s kingdom brought to earth, wherever the Lord will place you. Our hope is to see the kingdom of God touch the earth in a way that brings transformation to every area of relationship, every community, city, and entire nations. This begins by the faithfulness of God’s sons and daughters to be strengthened with a biblical foundation and use that knowledge to bring transformation actively in every sector of society.

If you want to know how God can use your dreams or gifting for the sake of His kingdom, we would love to have you join us this July. For more information, please email me at sydney.atchley@ywambethlehem.co.nz.

Published at Mar 12, 2018 and last updated at Jun 28, 2018. Authored by: Sydney Atchley