Why We Braved the Himalayas to Wash Some Feet

One of our outreach locations was in the southern region of the Himalayas. We worked with a local pastor who ran a children’s hostel and school. We spent just under two weeks living at the hostel with the children… and mosquitos.

I’m not going to lie about this experience, it wasn’t my favourite.

In fact, it was pretty hard.

Most of our team was struggling with mosquito bites, sickness, or just the general dreariness of the place—there was permanent fog and the sound of wailing from the mosque. However, it was there that I experienced a moment I will never forget.

We had heard that there was disunity amongst the local pastors, and most of them weren’t seeking to work together or encourage each other. Instead, they were getting into disagreements and doing their own thing. We joined with another outreach team who happened to be staying there at the same time as us, and spent some time in prayer.

What could we do to help bring these pastors together?

We shared what we felt God saying, and decided to host a dinner for the pastors and really honour them in front of each other.

Our teams gathered with about eight local pastors and we all worshiped the Lord together. Following this, our teams came around each one of the pastors and washed their feet in a basin of water, then prayed a blessing over them. In doing this we wanted to serve these pastors and show them that in order to follow Jesus, we have to follow His example of serving each other.

It was that moment where I saw first-hand that unity comes from a place of serving, when we love one another and humble ourselves. It’s in this way we can work together.

Mosquitos and all.

“Devote yourselves to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.”

–Romans 12:10

By Sherie Preston
Discipleship Training School Team

Published at Aug 3, 2018 . Authored by: Sherie Preston