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My Transformational Development School (or Community Development School) was one of the most practical, hands-on courses I’ve heard of and experienced.



During our three months of lecture phase, we spent lots of time in the classroom learning from some incredible speakers, and the time flew by because every week was another brand new thing that just blew your mind all over again.



Along with class time, each week we were able to start small practical development projects.



Whether it was volunteering at the local thrift shop charity every week, or brainstorming a small scale project (like a garden for the campus), meeting with various leaders from the Maori community, or soaking up time in the Prayer Room—we constantly had the opportunity to step out and practically do what we were being taught. I am beyond grateful for every ounce of teaching we had and how it helped us formulate the value and need for community development understanding.



This school became a family so easily regardless of anything and the times we spent together were also some of the most valuable takeaways I have. The opportunity we had to grow as friends and learn from each other was more than I could have ever imagined and I’ll always be grateful for all of them.



Our two-month outreach in Central Asia was a chance to put our classes into solid action. It was such a great opportunity for our team to become prayer warriors for the places we visited. We had incredible opportunities to hike above towns to worship and intercede or even as we walked the streets.



We had developed techniques to battle spiritual warfare which were so helpful and such a great learning experience. Although outreach wasn’t in a country we all planned to go back to, the various tools and examples God showed us are all so translatable to any other future place of ministry.



I’m so grateful for the greater exposure I got to effective community development on the mission field, thanks to this school and team.


Kayley Dueck

Transformational Development School

Photos by Kayley D Images


Published at Dec 5, 2018 and last updated at Dec 6, 2018. Authored by: Kayley Dueck