For Those Who Feel Out of Place

Posted on Oct 18, 2018, in the categories: Community Living, Testimony

“Just go over to the house sometime, they’d love to meet you!” Fresh to Tauranga, New Zealand, friends had raved about the YWAM Furnace community. My new university was right next door to where their current Discipleship Training School was running, and I wanted to meet them. I’d heard about DTS all my life and…

For Those Waiting for Healing & Breakthrough

Posted on Sep 7, 2018, in the categories: Campus Life, Testimony

My last year and a half has been full of digestive issues, different diets, trial and error, medications, doctors, confusion, financial struggle—not to mention vocal issues, and not being able to sing. At some points it felt like I was a slave to my health problems. But throughout it all, somehow I hung onto God’s…