DTS Workshop

This event has already taken place.

The DTS Workshop will be a week of training to talk through DTS’s.  We will be hosting Mark Parker, Elena Ciobo, and Barbara who will be carrying this week for us.  We are expectant for this week to be full of rich teaching, alignment according to the original vision of a DTS, as well as understanding the future vision of our schools.

Thank you for all that have submitted on the google forms online and have responded.  We are still waiting on a final count and number from the bases as we plan for the DTS Workshop week.  As you plan to come and join us for this instrumental training week, please read the following regardless if you have submitted your response or not.

Important Need to Know

  • We will not be able to provide transportation to and from airports.
  • Please bring your own bedding.  There is only a bottom sheet and mattress protector available at FBC.
  • Wi-Fi is available to purchase for $5.70 a week per person on up to three devices for unlimited access. There’s no need to buy from the office either, it can be done via PayPal on our network.

Important To-Do’s

  1. Please email samhchang718@gmail.com with your Name, Age, gender, and any family accompanying you on this trip to FBC. (Please specify if you are wanting room and board at FBC or if you are driving in each day please let us know if you are planning on eating with us.)  I understand that some of you have filled out the Google form, but I will need everyone to do this as I have only received a few responses.  So for those that are doing this twice, I apologize!  If I personally don’t hear from you, I will take that as you not joining us at FBC.
  2. Please pay $125/per person (For those staying at FBC for room & board) through our site’s donation form and make sure to choose the event fee payment in the drop down list.  If you are paying for multiple people, please specify in your email to me at samhchang718@gmail.com.
Location 749 Welcome Bay Rd, Welcome Bay, Tauranga 3175
Room & Board $125 for the week
Meal Prices Lunches($6) & Dinner($9): $15/day (Those that are commuting for the day)

This event has already taken place.