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Are you willing to courageously follow Jesus?

Ocean to Mount DTS

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Get ready to go on an adventure experiencing the beauty, adrenaline and fun of New Zealand, connecting your longing for adventure to the One who created it. You’ll learn how to draw people into the heart of God through doing what you love.

Intimacy to Impact DTS

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The more personal your relationship with God is, the more fuel you’ll have to impact and influence others. On Intimacy to Impact DTS you’ll grow in confidence in your prayer life and in how to share Jesus with people.

Musicians & Singers DTS

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We want to see burning hearted worshippers raised up who will awaken worship in every nation and every part of society.

One Thing Internship

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  One month. One thing.   In Psalm 27:4, King David described the central element of the life of a believer as a preoccupation with “one thing”—the glory and beauty of Jesus. In Luke 10, it was said about Mary of Bethany that she had chosen the “one thing necessary” when she gave Jesus her…

Leaders Internship

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This three-month internship is an intro to YWAM Furnace NZ staff in which you will be equipped and trained in the practicals of leadership. During this time you will gain training in many areas that will prepare you for ministry or wherever God is leading you.

School of Communication Foundations

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God is writing the story of humanity, and you have a part to play. How can you express your voice, relate well to others and tell the world about the heart of the Great Story Writer? The School of Communication Foundations (SCF) recognises that good communication is a lifelong learning process that we get to…

Transformational Development School

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Have you wanted to bring transformation into your area of influence, but aren’t sure how? Do you have a heart for the poor and needy and their communities? Have you wondered if it’s actually possible for the Church to bring the kingdom of God on earth? Then come with us on a discovery of God’s heart…

School of Frontier Missions

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The School of Frontier Missions is a three month lecture phase school focused on sending long term missionaries into the field. We believe that God is sending out laborers into the field who have burning hearts for His presence and a longing to see the nations encounter Him.

Bible School for the Nations


Join us for 4 months of deepening your relationship with God through studying His Word, then learn how to communicate His truth to others during the 2 month outreach.

School of Worship

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This is a second level school for those who are passionate about worship, enthusiastic about music, and longing to know God on a deeper level. The heart behind the school is to call forth true worshipers who will minister to God’s heart and be equipped to bring others into His presence.

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Who We Are

YWAM Furnace NZ’s three piece mandate is to be a resting place for God, a resting place for people and a center for training and sending missionaries to the nations.


We are committed to disciple and train people with practical and relevant tools to make God known in all cultures, nations and spheres of society.

Missions & Prayer

We are partnering closely with the Tauranga House of Prayer. Together we’re committed to worship and adore Jesus and contend for God’s will to be done in our city and on Earth. We believe in the marriage of prayer and missions, not just at an organizational level but at a heart level, and that this partnership plays an important role in fulfilling the Great Commission.


  • Hospitality Seminar

    Nov 10, 2019 - Nov 22, 2019

    We believe that The Lord is wanting to send out a new wave of hospitality across the globe – whether that be the local church, your home, or on the mission field. Hospitality opens doors and hearts that may never be opened otherwise. Join us for this two-week UofN accredited seminar where we dive into the heart of the Father and learn how to practically love our neighbours as God intended.

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