When God Told Me to Let Go of Money

“God, are you sure You’re going to provide for this?”

What started off as a backpacking year in New Zealand, became a wild adventure of faith when I got to know YWAM Furnace.

Their faith and passion for Jesus was so authentic and inspiring. Doing the One Thing Internship here, God blew my mind with how he moved in my life and in the people next to me. So I stuck around for a bit and asked God what to do next.

He told me to do the upcoming Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Furnace.


I didn’t have the money. It would be the greatest step of faith I had ever done. It meant letting go of financial worries and trusting Him to provide.


You know, I had heard about all these incredible financial miracles that my friends from Youth with a Mission experienced. But I wondered if God would provide in the same way for a German.


Germans hold their money very tight – I didn’t expect many people to support my ministry. Also, after University I finally wanted to become financially independent. I wanted to work, earn my own money and allow myself some convenience.

But God challenged me to not rely on my own strength. He wants me to rely on Him.


He wants me to learn how to trust.

So I took a deep breath. Challenge accepted.

In the weeks after that decision, everything seemed to revolve around finances. I heard so many messages on the subject and we collected an unusual number of offerings.


God nudged me to be generous. To give money away.

I prayed: “God, this is the exact opposite of what the ‘smart steward’ would do. What happened to ‘saving up every penny’? This is so un-German.”


But He reminded me that if I trust Him to provide for everything, I can freely give what I do have.


So I started to give. And it felt good.

As the beginning of my DTS came closer, I shared the vision with my friends back home. Not much happened. It was great kingdom work, but I was so terrified that I would step out and nobody would support me.


It felt like I was driving towards a wall.

My prayers became pleadings.

“Now’s the moment of truth. God, you’re either going to break through this wall or the car’s going to crash. You’ve led me here – don’t let me down.”

And then money came from unexpected directions. While some friends didn’t respond at all, other friends and my parents bought into the vision in truly amazing ways.


A few days before the payment deadline, God provided all the money for the lecture phase of my DTS.

I never thought it would work for me. But after all, it’s not about me. It’s about God and what he can do.


As outreach approached, it was a real stretch. I tried to sell my car to get the money, but it didn’t work.


My prayers became very urgent. But God kept calm. He told me to trust and rest in Him.


One week before my plane took off, my friend Ioana from Sweden turned up. She said she just wanted to rent the car for her time here, and then give it back. Within 24 hours, she paid all that was missing towards my outreach fees and drove off with the car. God moved, even in the last minute.


And a week later I boarded my plane to outreach.

That’s my God of perfect timing.

That’s my God who provides.

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