Why Trekking in the Himalayas Changed Lives

A taxi, a bus, a van, and two more buses—in one day we made it to the start of our two-week trek in the Himalayas. 


Our team of ten hiked to three villages, about 65 miles total. We visited churches and brought teachings to equip the believers, as a lot are considered nominal Christians—and never imagined how much God was going to do there.


It was about 18 miles to the first village. On the way we encountered mountainsides exploding, we scaled the side of a cliff, witnessed incredible waterfalls and gorgeous butterflies. Once we arrived at the village, we stayed in the pastor’s home, performed skits, taught, and had a ministry time. I taught on intimacy with God and hearing His voice. During that time I felt God tell me that someone’s stomach hurt. Was that anyone?


It turned out it was the pastor, so I began to pray for him. As I prayed for him, his hand (it was hurt from working in the fields) was healed! I continued to pray for his hand—and then his stomach was healed too! I learned right then and there that God heals, and answers our heart’s desires, even when we don’t ask for it. But there was MORE. In that same village we witnessed a woman’s blind eyes open as she began to see for the first time! Then, in a moment during our ministry time, I was able to pray and lead a young girl to Christ.


We left that village FULL of joy—God had gone above and beyond what we ever imagined.


However, it wasn’t all butterflies and waterfalls. IT WAS HARD! The trek was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. It pushed me to the limit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at times. More often than not, I fought the lie that I was the “weakest link”, especially when the guys had to carry my sleeping bag to lighten my load.


Throughout the two weeks, I came face to face with myself and all the yuck and impurities that rise to the surface in times of fire. My character was far from perfect. I did not have the strength in me to do what we did physically, or even the compassion to continue to pray for people when I was tired and hungry.


But Jesus’ grace was SO sufficient in my weaknesses. I constantly asked Jesus to renew my mind and show me His perspective, because I’m not loving, joyful, or forgiving in my own power. That’s supernatural. I NEED JESUS. I’ve been learning that the process of being made like Christ is not fun all the time and being refined in the fire won’t last forever.


There is a season coming when I will get to walk out of the fire and hold the shape of what He’s doing within me. 


However, Holy Spirit comforted me in the truth that He loves me just as much now, in the process, as He will when I am through it.


This has been an experience of a lifetime.


It was difficult, uncomfortable, and challenging in so many ways, but I would do it again—if it meant just one person would know God and be transformed.

Michaela Wilson

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