Discipleship Training Schools

A DTS is an intensive five-month course that is segmented into a training phase and an outreach phase.  Our desire is that people from every nation would go to all nations.  We believe that God is raising up a generation of men and women who have a burning passion for Jesus that compels them to share this love to all the world.  The purpose of the DTS is:

“to send out thousands of young men and women whose reference points are the Word and Will of God, who has Christ’s love for all peoples, and the skills and passion needed to win people to Jesus and to disciple nations, in His ways.” -Darlene Cunningham

Training Phase

The first three months of your Discipleship Training School will be the training phase where we invite weekly speakers both national and international to impart, teach, and train on biblical topics and principles.

The topics include: Father Heart of God, Prayer & Worship, Character & Nature of God, Missions, Evangelism, Holy Spirit, Lordship of Christ, and more!

Outreach Phase

The last two months of your Discipleship Training School is the outreach portion of your school where we commission outreach teams all around the world!  We are committed to reaching the lost, caring for the poor, and loving the one in front of us.  Our short-term outreaches serve long-term workers and comes alongside existing ministries.

What makes YWAM Furnace NZ Unique?

The Prayer Room exists to establish a place where Jesus is the centre of the gathering, and where individuals can unite through music led prayer meetings. The room welcomes both the devotionally inclined and those ready to appeal unto God for a breakthrough of justice. Our goal is to orchestrate the prayer of Jesus, that on earth it would be as it is in heaven where there is never ending prayer and worship around God’s throne. It is from this place of prayer that we are fueled to share God’s love to the nations.

YWAM Furnace NZ has both a national calling as well as an international focus.  We are committed to seeing Kiwi’s revived, trained and sent out.

Upcoming DTS's

Ocean to Mount DTS

Starts (… / / )

Get ready to go on an adventure experiencing the beauty, adrenaline and fun of New Zealand, connecting your longing for adventure to the One who created it. You’ll learn how to draw people into the heart of God through doing what you love.

Intimacy to Impact DTS

Starts (… / / )

The more personal your relationship with God is, the more fuel you’ll have to impact and influence others. On Intimacy to Impact DTS you’ll grow in confidence in your prayer life and in how to share Jesus with people.

Musicians & Singers DTS

Starts (… / / )

We want to see burning hearted worshippers raised up who will awaken worship in every nation and every part of society.

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