When I Learned How God Transforms Communities // Photo Blog

Posted on Dec 5, 2018, in the categories: Outreaches, Post-DTS, Transformational Development School

My Transformational Development School (or Community Development School) was one of the most practical, hands-on courses I’ve heard of and experienced.     During our three months of lecture phase, we spent lots of time in the classroom learning from some incredible speakers, and the time flew by because every week was another brand new…

When You’re Far From Home on Thanksgiving Day

Posted on Nov 22, 2018, in the categories: Community Living, Discipleship Training Schools, Outreaches

The kitchen had been buzzing all day. Two mismatching tables were placed together and twelve mismatched chairs squeezed into a dining room of a beach house in New Zealand. Our table was filled to the brim with carb-loaded favorite foods like stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, pierogies (it was an international celebration!), green bean casserole (with homemade…

How I Found My Purpose on a High School Missions Trip

Posted on Nov 16, 2018, in the categories: Mission Adventures, Outreaches

“What are you going to do after high school?”   At fifteen years old, I expected people would only ask me about my life’s purpose when I graduated. Nope. I had two whole years of high school to go, but teachers—and strangers—started asking me “What’s next?” as if it was the same as “How’s the weather?”.…

When My Last Choice Became My One Thing

Posted on Oct 12, 2018, in the categories: Campus Life, Outreaches, Prayer Room

“And your outreach location will be…. New Zealand! You will be helping lead worship in the Prayer Room!” I was angry. The former Prayer Room staff had up and moved to the Middle East so they were in need of musicians, singers, and sound technicians. Did I care? No. I signed up for my specific…