YWAM Ships Aotearoa is motivated by the foundational belief that every individual has a purpose, is valuable, and deserves access to the necessities of life: basic healthcare, shelter, clean water, and education. We believe that it is our obligation to act today.

The purpose of YWAM Ships is to empower a healthy future for isolated island communities. 

Through the use of a specifically equipped medical aid ship, in partnership with Pacific governments, YSA offers free health and well-being services to isolated communities throughout the liquid-continent of the Pacific. We go where planes and cars cannot. 

YWAM Ships works in partnership by invitation. We seek to work in collaboration and with a non-partisan approach at the national, provincial, district, and local government level, as well as at the village level. Outreaches are carefully planned with detailed reports submitted after the completion of each outreach. 

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