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Where the Song “Dream of Your Heart” All Started – Furnace Worship

Posted on Feb 8, 2019, in the categories: Furnace Worship, Prayer Room, School of Worship

Last year, my friend Josh Yeoh, originally with Penang House of Prayer and now in Singapore, came to New Zealand to speak on prayer and worship. During our Community Night, he shared about Isaiah 24:16 and 42:10-12, which both proclaim that from the ends of the earth—New Zealand, the South Pacific—songs would arise, singing “Glory…

When My Last Choice Became My One Thing

Posted on Oct 12, 2018, in the categories: Campus Life, Outreaches, Prayer Room

“And your outreach location will be…. New Zealand! You will be helping lead worship in the Prayer Room!” I was angry. The former Prayer Room staff had up and moved to the Middle East so they were in need of musicians, singers, and sound technicians. Did I care? No. I signed up for my specific…

Why We Changed our Name to YWAM Furnace NZ

Posted on Sep 14, 2018, in the categories: Announcements, Campus Life, Prayer Room

Name changes seemed to be everywhere. Abram became Abraham, Jacob became Israel, even Saul to Paul. We heard of churches renaming themselves, even other YWAM locations. But could it really happen to us? Could there be a name that captured our story, in all its twists and turns? And how did we even become the…